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High 5 Electric Auto-Rickshaw in India

High 5 Electric Auto-Rickshaw in India

The usage of electrical auto-rickshaws has been changing straight away in India. India has change into home to 1.5 million electrical three-wheelers and expects to have 1 lakh models of sales every month all over India.

High 5 Electric Auto-Rickshaw in India

In line with the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles, the sales of electrical three-wheelers had increased by 21% in 2018-19 to 6,30,000 models whereas in 2017-18 5,20,000 electrical three-wheelers and by 2027 this can reach to 10 lakhs that is an amplify of up to 29.61%

The Federation of Automobile Dealers Association, the sales of electrical three-wheelers have reach down in 2020 as a result of covid 19 epidemic 69.5% 16,857 3. Whereas the sales in 2019 had been recorded 55,293.

Nevertheless now the market is slowly selecting up all once more

In the wake of the epidemic, even producers are persevering with their work. Just currently Mahindra Electric has launched its Treo Zor electrical three-wheeler cargo EV and its ticket begins at 2.73 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) and can just aloof be accessible to customers from December 2020.

Hyderabad primarily based mostly ETO Motors has also signed an MoU with Telangana govt to get 22 situation up electrical three-wheeler manufacturing facility and rupees 150 crores will be invested within the next 5 years.

Delhi-primarily based mostly Omega Seki Mobility also launched its first dealership in Telangana. The firm has already installed many Charing stations within the order and has been operating since final 3 years.

Kinetic Safar has also launched India’s first high-performance electrical cargo three-wheelers kinetic Jumbo.

So let us now explore into India’s high 5 electrical auto-rickshaws in India

Mahindra Treo

Mahindra Treo is India’s main electrical auto rickshaw manufacturer. Just currently the firm has also launched its Treo in Telangana and Andra Pradesh. It has introduced improvements in Treo’s performance.

The Treo is powered by an AC motor and supplies a high escape of 45 km/h. It is going to escape up 2.3 seconds and has a 7.37 KW battery which supplies 130 km of fluctuate. Its battery is also charged anyplace as it comes with a 15 A  portable charger and takes 3 hours 50 minutes to absolutely payment. Its operating payment shall be very low, factual 50 paise per month so it’s going to assign you your 45,000 rupees yearly by the usage of it.

Its Ex-showroom ticket is Rs 2.73 lakh and the on-avenue ticket is Rs 3 lakhs.

Ape e-metropolis 


Ape e-metropolis is an electrical Auto Electric Rickshaw is manufactured by Piaggio Vehicles, is powered by a 5.4 kW motor and it produces a torque of 29 Nm. Its high escape is 45 km/h and it supplies a 68 km of fluctuate. 

Its battery is 4.5 kWh and it’s charged in 3 hours 50 minutes and it shall be coming with a battery swapping option. Its operating payment is 2 rupees per km and its weight is 389 kgs. It comes with a 1 lakh km or 36 months guarantee.

It comes with a ticket of 1.97 lakh rupees. 

Bajaj RE 

The Bajaj RE Electric Auto Rickshaw is from Bajaj Auto Company. It is powered with a highly efficient 4.3 kW motor and supplies a high escape of 43 km/h. It is fitted with a 48-volt swappable lithium-ion battery which will be charged in 6 hours and supplies 120 km of fluctuate. 

It is priced between 1,65,552 and 2,69,383 rupees.

Kinetic Safar

Kinetic Safar electrical auto is from India’s main sign Kinetic Inexperienced. The Kinetic Safar e-auto is accessible in both lead-acid and li-ion battery. It comes with an 850W motor along with three-escape mode selector to optimize the fluctuate per payment. Its high escape is 25 km/h and would possibly provide a quantity of 80-100 km per payment. Its battery ability is 12V, 100AH. Its seating ability is one driver plus four passengers.

The Label is Rs. 1.38 lakh and it’s already launched in India.


eShaft electrical auto is from Hyderabad primarily based mostly Gayam Motor. It comes with a 1.5KW Lead Acid portray voltaic chargeable battery and supplies a quantity of up to 60km.

It is efficient motor 48v 1520W with the mileage ranging between 60-90kms per beefy payment. It has a substandard weight of 675 kg with a battery ability of 48v 120Ah, 5-6hours Charging Time (Lead-acid). Its max escape is 25 km/h.

eShaft electrical auto is ticket begins from 1,40,000 rupees.

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